Wisdom International School of Excellence (WISE)
Our curriculum is designed to instil learning with a focus on stimulating intellectual curiosity and helping learners to develop a sense of astonishment and admiration through discovery and exploration. We use the National Curriculum requirements for Nigeria as the strong foundation to develop our own skills based curriculum which meets the needs of our pupils. We are continuously searching for ways to enrich and diversify opportunities for learning, and involve parents and carers in contributing to what and how their kids learn in school.

The core curriculum has been carefully constructed to emphasize the development of Numeracy and literacy skills and foreign Language whilst also offering opportunities to develop ICT, Science, vocational and entrepreneurship studies, Sports and Arts. We place importance on offering opportunities for pupils to learn at first hand from the local environment through identifying community problems and acting on participatory solution. We vary our teaching styles to support education and to develop independence, co-leadership skills and operative teamwork. The curriculum delivered is tailored to the individual child's development, abilities, skills and strengths. Our four core subjects are Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Basic Science Technology. In addition our children also study Art, Music, Religious Studies, Citizenship, Physical and Health Education and time is also given to develop, Personal and Social Education. Our goal is to develop an extensive range of extra-curricular clubs that pupils can choose to participate in beyond the school day.

The school staffs consists of the Technical monitor, School Manager, Head of Academics, Assistant Head of Academics, 25 Teaching Staff, 7 Classroom Assistants on Teachers Apprenticeship Programme (TAP) and 15 non-academic staff. Timetables are driven by the needs of our children. However, a support works full time with each reception class to support our very youngest children. We have developed the following to ensure effective learning and teaching processes:
[1] Learning Benchmark (LB) and Monitoring Learning Achievements (MLA): Our teachers and educators are guided by Learning Benchmarks which is periodically reviewed in line with environmental context/emerging global issues and assessed through annual Monitoring Learning Achievements.
[2] Teacher Development Programme (TDP) to ensure regular capacity building of our teachers in 21st century skills and behaviour competencies.
[3] Teaching Apprenticeship Programme (TAP) to expose young teachers into practical teaching processes and classroom management, train, mentor and ensure regular retention of our teachers.
[4] Development of School Development Plan (SDP) to plan and constantly review our activities in line with environmental situation and global practices.
[5] A Technical Monitoring unit, an independent third- party monitoring system is put in place to monitor teaching, learning, classroom, instructional aids, non-instructional aids and school plants to ensure quality education.
[6] A Child Protection and Adult Safeguarding Policy are in place to ensure safety and security in our school.
[7] Technology enhanced learning and teaching processes to enhance problem solving and critical thinking. Our students are introduced to Information, Communication and Technology (ICT), Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STREAM) and music.
[8] Financial literacy to expose children to the importance of saving culture, money management, financial planning and budgeting.
[9] Gender Equality, we encourage our girls and boys to participate equality in activities such football, class leadership, science and engineering activities. We also deliberately reverse some roles such as boys cooking, sweeping while also doing the same for the girls.
[10] Introduction of group learning approach to promote participatory learning, group project, analytical thinking and presentation.
[11] Exposing our children to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and currently doing some projects with our communities.