Safety Tips

The Safe School Initiative (SSI) was originally designed for the North Eastern Nigeria due to the insurgency affecting schools in that region. However, the current School-Based violence issues such as kidnappings, killings, abductions, rape among others call for the need to scale-up the Safe School Initiative to the entire school-communities in the entire country.

State Ministries of Education, State Universal Basic Education Board, Local Government Education Authorities, School Based Management Committee, Teachers, Parents, Security agencies, Civil Society Organizations and Students might need to come together to fashion out a strategy to make their schools safe and secured. Specific actions would include:
[1] School fence: Perimeter fence should be provided in schools. Any school without a fence should work towards it.
[2] Security officer: schools should engage someone with the sole responsibility of ensuring security at the school gate and boundaries.
[3] School gate: close all gates of the school at all times. Staff and students need to be more careful in opening the school gates & going out during or after school hours. Students going out must be authorized.
[4] Identification card: all staff should wear their identification cards always.
[5] Students roaming about during school hours: No students should be allowed to roam around except authorized
[6] Bringing children to school and back home: Student should only be picked by parent or certified guardian. Teachers should not release any child to anybody, except on request with evidence from parents.
[7] School vehicle: Transport officer should be more careful when picking & dropping off children for parents or guardian. Vehicles parked anywhere must be pedal locked at any time
[8] Suspected movement in school: Any suspected movements around the school should be reported to School Head immediately. All staff should be extra vigilant.
[9] School security: The environmental officer should identify anyone or guest or visitor at the gate before opening the door
[10] Disclosure and information: All staff should not disclose identify or phone no of staff, student & management to anyone with prior permission
[11] Communication with parents: These rules & security issues should be communicated at PTA as soon as possible.
[12] School Based Violence: schools should develop a reporting and feedback mechanism for dealing with medical, psychological, physical, criminal and legal aspect of violence issues in schools.